East Valley began January 6,1960, as the daughter church of Willow Glen Baptist Church.  Eight people, with a heart for southeast San Jose, met for the first time in the home of Charlie Bleiler.  Roger Goodman, then Extension Director for the Northern California Baptist Conference (Now Converge PacWest), led the small group in its weekly gatherings.  When their number grew to about twenty persons, they moved out of the Bleiler home to a local youth center.  Roger continued to lead the small congregation until April of 1961 when they called Raymond Love to be their first pastor.  That summer the group officially organized and was accepted by the Baptist General Conference (Now Converge World Wide) as the East Side Baptist Church.  The following year, on January 31, 1962, the name was changed to East Valley Baptist Church.

The church held its first baptisms at Immanuel Baptist Church in Santa Clara (Later Homestead and then Bay Horizons).  Seven people publicly declared their faith in Christ through baptism and joined the church, bringing the membership to thirty-six. 

Pastor Love resigned in 1962 and was succeeded by George Fox who had recently returned with his family from missionary service in India.  The church grew under Pastor Fox's leadership, adding ministries for women, youth, and children.

Due to the church's financial stress, Pastor Fox resigned in 1964.  The following year, with financial backing from the NCBC, the church called Robert Pollack as pastor.  Within two months after Pastor Bob's arrival, the church learned of property for sale on Flint Avenue in the Evergreen district.  The members prayed, walked about the property, knelt upon it, and asked God to grant it to them for His glory.  God answered and the property was dedicated on May 30, 1965.

In 1966, a building was moved in sections to the new property, reassembled, and furnished with used theater seats.  The church had a place of worship.

Pastor Pollack was followed by Ginger Kelly, a gifted evangelist whose messages drew many to faith in Christ.  The church grew dramatically during his seven year ministry.  Three hundred plus attended worship services.  Sunday School classes met in homes and at the Y.M.C.A.

Art Freeburg succeeded Kelly but served for less than two years.  His strategy for growth was the erection of an elaborate worship center that would serve as a magnet to draw people from the community to the church.  Though plans were drawn, the structure was never built.

After Freeburg's brief pastorate, the church called Robert Walter to be its shepherd.  Walter served for almost eight years during which time the church improved its landscaping and built a fellowship hall under Reed Van Tuyl’s able direction.

In 1989, Pastor Walter having resigned, the church called John Helveston and his family to come to California to lead them.  Lloyd Nordstrom had served well as interim pastor after Bob Walter's departure, promoting healing and demonstrating Christ's love, so the church was ready to move ahead.  Under Pastor John's direction, the church developed its mission to make Christ known and its vision to become a life-changing church.  The constitution was revised to incorporate that mission and to establish an elder board.  Faith Promise giving to missions was instituted, the church's name changed again (East Valley Church), and the Fellowship Hall became the Worship Center.  The church took a significant step of faith by calling a full time Youth Pastor in 1991.  God honored that step and the church grew significantly, adding a second worship service in '92.  Since then worship has become more contemporary and celebrative.  Thanks to its gifted staff and willing volunteer leaders, East Valley has become known in the community for its commitment to youth and children’s ministries. 

Recognizing the dramatic demographic change in the community, the church has embraced a vision to be a truly multi-cultural church.

In 2014, Pastor John Helveston retired.  John and Lucy moved back to Laurel, Mississippi and currently have been doing short term Interim work in Vienna and Panama.

On January 31, 2016, we welcomed our new Senior Pastor, Ron Johnson and his family into our Church body.  

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